Measurement Uncertainty in Network Analyzers: Differential Error Analysis of Error Models Part 3: Short One-Port Calibration — Comparison

2 6, N.I. Yannopoulou, P.E. Zimourtopoulos


In order to demonstrate  the  usefulness  of the only one existing method for systematic error estimation in VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) measurements by using complex DERs (Differential Error Regions), we compare one-port VNA measurements after the two well-known calibration techniques: the quick reflection response, that uses only a single S (Short circuit) standard, and the time-consuming full one-port, that uses a triple of SLO standards (Short circuit, matching Load, Open circuit). For both calibration techniques, the comparison concerns: (a) a 3D geometric representation of the difference between VNA readings and measurements, and (b) a number of presentation figures for the DERs and their polar DEIs (Differential Error Intervals) of the reflection coefficient, as well as, the DERs and their rectangular DEIs of the corresponding input impedance. In this paper, we present the application of this method to an AUT (Antenna Under Test) selected to highlight the existence of practical cases in which the time consuming calibration technique results a systematic error estimation stripe including almost all of that of quick calibration.

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