A Planar Delta—Cross Shaped Loop Antenna: Analysis and Simulation — The 2 WL Case

7 18, G. A. Papadaniel, N. I. Yannopoulou, P. E. Zimourtopoulos


A planar Delta—Cross shaped loop antenna is proposed. The presentation includes results from an analytic study of the radiation pattern, as well as, from a simulation study for both the electric and radiation characteristics: input impedance, standing wave ratio, radiation pattern and directivity. The loop was initially shaped as 4 non-overlapping equilateral triangles on a plane, symmetrically oriented around a common vertex, center fed at one triangle base. In order to improve the antenna characteristics, its shape was then modified by equally changing the triangle base angle—while keeping the loop length constant and equal to 2 wavelengths WL. In this way, the final antenna loop was shaped with 4 isosceles triangles. The analytical and simulated results for the radiation pattern were found to be in good agreement. Furthermore, a comparison with antenna's dipole counterpart characteristics showed a much better performance of the proposed antenna.

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