A Study of Hentenna : Analysis, Simulation, Construction and Antenna Pattern Measurements

12 26, E. A. Babli, N. I. Yannopoulou, P. E. Zimourtopoulos


The radiation characteristics of Hentenna is the objective of this paper. Furthermore, the analytical study of antenna pattern, as well as, the simulation results for both electric and electromagnetic characteristics (Input Impedance, Standing Wave Ratio SWR, Antenna Pattern and Directivity) are presented. A thorough research using 465 simulation models, in which the Hentenna's total dimension and the position of its feeding segment are the variables, proves that Hentenna is an extremely narrow band antenna. Thus, the investigation was directed not only to SWR minimalization, in terms of three most commonly used transmission lines of characteristic impedance 50-75-300 Ohm, but also to operating bandwidth improvement under an almost invariable antenna pattern. Four experimental Hentenna models were finally selected and constructed. Their antenna patterns were measured in an anechoic chamber and the measurements were found to be in good agreement with the analytical and simulated results.

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