Measurement Uncertainty in Network Analyzers: Differential Error Analysis of Error Models Part 1: Full One-Port Calibration

1 2, N.I. Yannopoulou, P.E. Zimourtopoulos


An analytical method was developed to estimate errors in quantities depended on full one-port vector network analyzer (VNA) measurements using differentials and a complex differential error region (DER) was defined. To evaluate the method, differences instead of differentials were placed over a DER which was then analyzed and compared with another commonly used estimated error. Two real differential error intervals (DEIs) were defined by the greatest lower and least upper bounds of DER projections. To demonstrate the method, a typical device under test (DUT) was built and tested against frequency. Practically, a DER and its DEIs are solely based on manufacturer's data for standard loads and their uncertainties, measured values and their inaccuracies.

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