Antenna Design to Extremes: Practicable Suggestions from Pattern Analysis and RICHWIRE Simulation of Special Delta-Cross Loops

8 20, N. I. Yannopoulou, P. E. Zimourtopoulos


In order to investigate the ability of pattern analysis and RICHWIRE simulation we usually use, to further handle antenna designs under certain extreme geometric conditions, we set up a number of limiting cases of our Delta-Cross loop, an antenna shape which we devised for the additional purpose of this research. Specifically, we vary the wire radius, segment vicinity, apex angle, and central configuration, while we deliberately keep constant its total length at almost two wavelengths, and we demonstrate the results for its main antenna characteristics: the complex vector radiation pattern and the complex scalar input impedance, as well as, the real scalars directivity and SWR, respectively. In this way, we conclude practicable suggestions for managing antenna problems which particularly include similar geometric arrangements.

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